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Gideon Protective Services was the brain child of the founder and owner, Grant Linhart. Gideon Protective Services was consulted by two prominent business owners and supported by private investors. Grant has acquired a particular set of skills that are transferable to executive protection and security consulting. Grant was trained by retired United States Secret Service Agent Joe LaSorsa. Grant has also been in public safety full time for the past 13 years; encompassing Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS careers. Grant has taught at the community college and academy levels and is an accomplished marksman, with a handgun, shotgun, and rifle.

Gideon Protective Services was absorbed into ICS of Colorado. ICS of Colorado’s vision is to become the premier provider in the Security Consulting/ Protective Services industry. We will accomplish this by having the highest trained employees that can provide outstanding customer satisfaction, by giving our clients what they want in a discreet and trustworthy manner, and while upholding the utmost levels of integrity. ICS of Colorado will offer Security Consulting in the realm of Threat Assessment Evaluations, Site Advance work, TSCM (Technical Security Counter Measures- detective sweep looking for electronic listening devices), surveillance, counter surveillance, and security investigations. We will also provide close proximity protection (1-8 member protective detail) to our “Protectee`s” (Religious Figures, Corporate Executives, Heads of State, High Profile Individuals, Dignitaries, Celebrities) and their families. All specialists have backgrounds in law enforcement, emergency services, private security, or military experience. All specialists are hand picked by the owner and under go a thorough pre-qualification and selection process.

The objective of ICS of Colorado in terms of protection is to tip the scale from a static, defensive reactive state, to a pro-active state utilizing all countermeasures that are available. Knowing the private sector is limited in its resources, ICS of Colorado strives to do more with less utilizing strict budgetary measures to accomplish our mission and choosing only the most talented and loyal employees.